2013 Programming Team

It takes a special kind of person to be able to have to logic and patience’s to program. Thankfully we have some good people at our backs with an abundance of these two traits. Our programming team consists of Nathan and Jordan respectively. After a short and dumbed down talk with them I learned what really happens behind the scenes and computer screens.JordanH

Jordan and Nathan use the programming language LabVIEW. And when asked they begrudgingly admit they’ve had only one issue so far. Apparently their logic was flawed when first writing it out, they told me the way they wrote it made double checking their work for errors very difficult. So to solve this they wiped it all clean and started over. Believe it or not even with this bump in the road they still managed to be ahead of the builders.NathanB

If in one word I described what these guys have done it would be success. Not only have they done a great job at programming, but their having fun doing it! And what is robotics for if not to learn and have fun? It really does take a special kind of person to program, and Nathan and Jordan are those people.

Article reprinted from OregonFIRST.org   Author, Caitlin M. Photos, Chris N.