Spring Activities

What do we do after the build season? Cleaning the shop is one task.

taking apart bots Kaden and Chris

Harvesting (Pic John N)

In order to make room for the new you need to dismantle the old.  Kaden K (back) and Chris N (fore) salvage what they can from some of SWARM’s previous builds.

Our team has a long history, and many bots are great examples of solutions found, sweat expired, and probably more than a few secrets.  However, there comes a time when we simply need the space, if not the parts!

Build season doesn’t leave much time for keeping things tidy, so the off-season is also a chance to clean up and organize.

Table with a bunch of parts and tools

Post-build residue (Pic: Chris N)

Our primary table gets a lot of use, and believe it or not, can be pretty clean when need be. Team members in the build room will see more than a few familiar items in this picture…

Note: yellow t-shirt launcher in back, under the bumpers, famous at our local high school football games.