OSU Expo

Last Friday Oregon State University hosted 100 plus graduating seniors and their final projects.  Along with that, FIRST shows off their bots to the local community.

2 robots and pyramid

Bot watching. (Photo Chris N)

There were 5 FIRST teams with bots.  We brought our 2012 bot, as it was something the public could readily drive.  The other teams had climbers, which were a bit too sophisticated for folks to quickly learn

grade schoolers watching robot

An engaging lesson. (Photo Chris N)

Those who most wanted to drive the bot were younger children, and at times we had a bit of a line. Some really enjoyed putting the bot through its paces.  Thanks to instruction by our team members, and some watchful eyes, many got a chance to try.

robot on pyramid

‘Bot wrangling. (Photo Chris N)


We also helped the other teams with their climbing bots.

Many thanks to Jordan H, Katelyn M, Nathan B, Chris N, Ryan VW, and Steve M for helping with the community outreach. It was also a great opportunity for us to see what is going at OSU Engineering.