Old Bots and Old Tricks

2 people and a laptop

Steve M and Jordan H look up I/O for an old Victor (Photo Chris N)

The t-shirt launcher, which is a hit at our high school football games, has been acting up recently. The other day it actually started to smoke during testing, then died.

So it was perfect time to brush up on our troubleshooting skills.  Some quick measurements with the volt meter, narrowed it down to a motor controller. Luckily we have a lot of old ones laying around the shop.  Not so lucky in that we had to go through four bad ones before we got to one that worked.

2 students and a bot

Katelyn M and Nathan B use the meter on the drive train (Photo Chris N)

However, thanks to all, the drive train is now working. And we know from our parking lot tests that the working end of the t-shirt launcher works. So we’ll be putting them together to get this minor celebrity back in action.

Eventually, we will need to re-do this bot, but for the time being it is looking forward to another season of high school games and town parades!