Summer at the shop

We’ve been working on a variety of projects over the last couple of weeks. First task has been getting the T-Shirt launcher in order.  Last we left it, we had the drive train back up and going, then it stopped.  After a bit of troubleshooting and making sure a PWM cable was firmly plugged into a spike (build team would know what this means!) things are looking better.

2013 rebuild

Bottom/counter clockwise: Zack D, Chris N, Katelyn M, Eric S. Photo by John N

That’s the t-shirt launcher on the left with the stars.

Now we have switched over to putting the 2013 bot back together after ‘lightening its load’ during Regionals. That’s it in the center of folks. We want to show our 2013 sponsors what we have been up to.

The upper pneumatic arm is being put back, along with the reed switches.  We’ll hand it over to the software team once it gets set up.

penumatic board

L-R: Eric S, Ziean R, Jordan H, Zack D, Katelyn M. Photo by Chris N

Another project we are working on is getting a pneumatic demo and testing board going which Katelyn M has taken the initiative on. Zack D found a nice switch and soldered it up.  After a bit of troubleshooting, the whole thing works like a charm.


Photo by Chris N

This also gave us the opportunity to get some folks up to speed on simple soldering.There’s no substitute for practice, so an in impromptu soldering demo was held with Zack D performing final inspection on everyone’s handiwork. Not a cold solder in the bunch!

There’s plenty of things to do, you just need to take the opportunity! Ask for a tool, some help, or ideas. And don’t be afraid to make mistakes, trust me when I say that the mentors have made more than a few and you might as well learn from that experience! (Plus summer is a better time to do so than week 5 in the build season!)

L-R: Katelyn M, Chris N. Photo by Robot

L-R: Katelyn M, Chris N. Photo by Robot

We’ll be at the da Vinci Days in July so will be making sure we have a bot ready for the public to drive.  It is a great bit of outreach to the community.