Summer Scrimmage at da Vinci Days

Our local league, FIRST FORCE, has a scrimmage during the da Vinici Days celebration in Corvallis, July 20th from 1-4.  Quite a number of local, and maybe not so local, teams participate in exhibition matches, exhibits, and allowing the public to drive robots.  This is part of our community outreach, similar to the OSU Engineering Day. We are proud to have our own spot at da Vinici Days.

SWARM will be there as well. We will bring our 2012 bot that is set up for the public to drive.  We are also creating a balloon arch to provide an entry way to our area.

Yesterday, we spent some time working on the arch…

students holding up pvc pipe

Ziean R, Katelyn M, Eric S, and ?? Photo by Chris N

It has to withstand a breeze once it is fitted with balloons, so after much discussion, and a big thanks to veterans Ziean R and Katelyn M, we came up with this.

Looks pretty stable, and the right side will make more sense once a possibly new team member completes their paper work and image release form. (No pressure.)

Of course it was not all Arts and Crafts at the shop. Some of us were neck deep in troubleshooting.


Jordan H. Photo by Chris N

A big thanks to veterans Jordan H and Nathan B for working on the t-shirt launcher. The launcher is a crowd favorite at South and West Albany’s high school foot ball games. And we want to make sure it is ready for this coming season.  Plus it is fun to drive and launch t-shirts.

Here it is in its former glory at the da Vinici Days scrimmage.