Bumper Reveal

Our robots are wrapped in bumpers – not because we crash into field elements, we do, but because there are crashes with other bots. Sometimes that’s part of the game.

We take our bumpers seriously, starting with a solid design that is turned into CAD.

A well crafted bumper is not only a product of computers, but hand work as well.

It can be quite a different experience than turning a bolt or connecting wires.

One of thickest parts of the FIRST rule manual is about the robot’s perimeters and bumpers. If you don’t make these right, you will not be playing.

This year we are going the extra mile with our bumpers, inside and out.

We have multiple members on a bumper sub-team.

With a careful eye for detail.

These things take a beating and have to be strong all the way around.


It doesn’t hurt if they look good doing it.