Dream Big at Wilsonville

yay team.

Drive Team Delivers Power Cubes to the Scale

With our goal to do better than last year, we headed into our first completion at Wilsonville on March 8. To make a long story short, we far surpassed our goal.

Despite an issue that occasionally stopped our robot in its tracks*, we accumulated enough points to be the 2nd highest ranked team out of the 37 teams at the event. (14 wins & 5 losses.) We picked Hotwire, 2990, and My Favorite Team, 3024, for our alliance partners and made it all the way to the final elimination round. Check out the match videos.

Special kudos to software and our autonomous work. It carried the day (and was gave us a Judges’ Award)

more team!

A careful eye on the action from the stands

It was an amazing couple of days, and we are getting ready for more.

* After a good bit of troubleshooting, we found an incompatibility between a recent software update and our USB camera. Problem solved!