Week Five: We’re Getting There!

Hello once again from the SWARM Hive! We are currently in week five of build season, and are gearing up for Scrimmage at Corvallis High School (CHS). The event is on February 16th, and starts at 10 am. Bag and Tag is on February 19th, the last one may I add! Everyone (especially the CADD team), is working hard to finish the robot, and we at Media (and Fundraising) have been working hard as well.

As you can see, we finished updating the website to how we wanted it to look and be. It took a lot of work and time, but we were able to pull off the look Eric and I both wanted. We think that this will only be the beginning however. Get ready, because SWARM will be coming at you with a whole lot more! Until next time!

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