SWARM is the merger of South (Team 1130) and West (Team 957) Albany, two high schools that have decided to put aside their rivalry and join forces in order to create one amazing robotics team. The plan has thus far succeeded and the combined team has twenty students who have managed to become blind to the geographic differences between the two schools.

The West Albany High-School Team, formerly WATSON, started in 2002. Throughout their eight years they have managed to win several prestigious awards, including the Chairman’s Award in 2005 and the Woodie Flowers award in 2009.

The South Albany High-School Team, formerly The Phantoms, started in 2003. However it took a three year hiatus from 2005-2008. In their time they have won several awards, including the Rookie of the Year Award in 2003 and the Team Spirit Award in 2005.

In 2012 SWARM robotics was in the alternate position for the Autodesk Oregon Regional.

Sponsorship and Finances

Team 957 depends on a variety and grants, sponsorship, and member services to pay for the ~$10,000 a year it takes to run the team. For more information see how to be a sponsor.


The overarching goal is to provide each student with a positive experience as member of a development team focused on using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to build a robot for FIRST competition.


Adult leaders responsible for the following: team administration, build season management, competition season management, fundraising, finance, and community outreach.

One adult lead mentor for each of the following areas: software, electronics, mechanical design, and mechanical fabrication/assembly.

Adults and students may have more than one responsibility on the team.

Students must attend a school in the Albany Public School District and must meet their school’s requirements for participation in extra-curricular activities.


The team administrator is selected by, and chairs, a council of adult leaders and mentors to establish and administer team objectives, organization, and activities.

Mentors and adult leaders are invited by the council of adult leaders and mentors to join the council.