Old Bots and Old Tricks

The t-shirt launcher, which is a hit at our high school football games, has been acting up recently. The other day it actually started to smoke during testing, then died. So it was perfect time to brush up on our troubleshooting skills.  Some quick measurements with the volt meter, narrowed it down to a motor […]

OSU Expo

Last Friday Oregon State University hosted 100 plus graduating seniors and their final projects.  Along with that, FIRST shows off their bots to the local community. There were 5 FIRST teams with bots.  We brought our 2012 bot, as it was something the public could readily drive.  The other teams had climbers, which were a […]

T-Shirt Launching Tests

A great way to get some experience with pneumatic systems, electronic switches and ballistics is with the T-shirt launcher. Mentor Gregg L helped set up our system outside for some quick lessons and impromptu tests. Team members agreed, we should have some more fun with this during the summer ..stay tuned! Jordan H (left); Kaden K (right)

Spring Activities

What do we do after the build season? Cleaning the shop is one task. In order to make room for the new you need to dismantle the old.  Kaden K (back) and Chris N (fore) salvage what they can from some of SWARM’s previous builds. Our team has a long history, and many bots are great […]

Welcome NAMS

Welcome to the 8th grade students from North Albany Middle School!  We are looking forward to talking about FIRST and showing off one of our ‘bots this Friday. Feel free to click though our new site. If you are interested in getting started this summer, check out the Join page and drop us an email.


Last Saturday was our traditional BBQ. A great time to just hang out, eat some good food, and give those FIRST Ultimate Ascent Frisbee some more air time. We lucked out and had perfect weather for the event. We also lucked out in the food department with plenty of things to eat provided by both team and […]

2013 How'd we do?

Just a place holder for a better article by someone on our media team (with pictures!) …but to sum up 2013 Regionals – This year we decided to go big.  And we were this close to getting the robot to do what it was designed to do.  But despite heroic efforts, we just couldn’t pull […]

2013 Programming Team

It takes a special kind of person to be able to have to logic and patience’s to program. Thankfully we have some good people at our backs with an abundance of these two traits. Our programming team consists of Nathan and Jordan respectively. After a short and dumbed down talk with them I learned what […]

New Logo

Big thanks to Kevin T for the new SWARM logo. Looks like we are getting ready to sting!

Mentors 2013

Now everyone always hears about the students on team 957, yet the mentors are barely even gossiped about. And the truth is as much as the students work we wouldn’t be here without someone to help guide and teach us along the way. I mean personally I’ve learned so much more then I dreamed and […]