Kicking off the 2013 build season

Team 957 has many personalities, as well as talents, and –sometimes- overwhelming creativity.  This is whyI know that come time for regionals we’ll do great as a team! At Kickoff, the gathering of people with the same interests was amazing. The chatter of people who barely know each other talking shop was mind blowing. It […]

New website

While this version of the website is new, Albany has had a SWARM related team for over 10 years. More about us. We are always looking for people interested in digital media to help build out our site, promote our team, and participate in various FIRST media related events.  As of right now, it is […]

2012 Rebound Rumble

Rebound Rumble had SWARM team’s robot kicking foam basketballs, going sideways across the field with a mecanum drive, and balancing with three other robots on a bridge. Highlights included scrimmaging at Corvallis High School, auto-balancing software by Ryan VW, and being part of the second game in the world to balance all 6 robots on […]