OFD 2016 Gold Level Sponsor

Always a pleasure showing off our robot to the good folks at OFD. They use a lot of similar technology in their processing systems as we do on our robot, plus their’s tastes great. (FRC robots, not so much.) OFD is a great supporter of STEM education in our community . From high school FRC, community […]

Veterans Day Parade 2016

Many thanks to the veterans for their service. Today we participated in the largest veterans day parade west of the Mississippi. It is a super opportunity to show our support as well as participate in our community. We always get a great response from the crowd and this year was no different. From chatting to […]

Shop Cleaning

As you can tell, it’s been a while since the place had a good cleaning. Thanks to all the effort, we are now much more efficient; standardizing on common hardware, simplifying tool-sets, focusing on what we need, and building a team. Plus, we have a sweet, new electronics bench, with tools, outlets, hardware and storage […]

Sponsor a High School Robotics Team

Interested in getting Albany students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math? That’s what FIRST Team 957 does, and we can use your help. Check out or sponsorship page, download a brochure, or drop us a note. Help out your high schools’ students, future employees and our community.

Somewhere North of Cheney, WA

HenryH’s dad is currently a member of the research cruise Sikuliaq 2016: The Dynamic Arctic.    As far as I know, this is the furthest north a SWARM shirt has been, at least further than Portland. Kudos to BurkeH for SWARMing the far north, in shirt sleeves no less! Be sure to check out their site: Sikuliaq 2016: […]

Pleasing the crowd at the Oregon State Fair!

Our 2016 robot taught us some great lessons, some that were hard earned during competition and others that had to wait until the time was right. This summer we had the time. Hotwire Robotics put together a full 2016 Stronghold field at the Oregon State Fair and a bunch of the local team brought our bots […]

SWARM’ing Frosh High School Reg.

Thanks to the team for getting the word out. We were at both South and West Albany high schools for Frosh registration. Check out how to join. Yes, you can launch a boulder with the 2016 bot in F hall at West and not hit the ceiling. Yes, it will go from the cafeteria and maybe as […]

Bounce Search & Rescue

SWARMing the IBEW 280 Picnic Thanks to our members who kept things running smooth at the IBEW Local 280 picnic today.  We braved the heat to help give some kids a great time in the obstacle course and water balloon area. Extra kudos to team members for stepping up when challenged by our guests to race them […]

The game doesn’t end

Yup, we go all summer.  This year we are working towards running our bot at the State Fair on August 27th. But this is also an excellent time to hone our skills and take on new members. There’s plenty to do if you are looking to work and to learn. The 2016 bot provides a great […]