SWARMing the Rotary

A big thanks to the Rotary Club of Albany for giving us a chance to show them what we are up to. We went through FIRST, our team history, cooperatition, and gracious professionalism. Plus, we drove the robot for the crowd. It was a great audience, with lots of good questions. (And a tasty lunch!) […]

Summer Push For State Fair

We have been hitting it hard at the shop to get our 2016 bot ready for scrimmaging at the Oregon State Fair. Working on the 2016 bot gives our members a great opportunity to jump in and get their hands dirty. With the advantage of hindsight and time, we are excited to be continuing our […]

Philomath Scenes

For some of us, competitive events are a blur of activity.  Many thanks to Steve for helping capture our time in Philomath- The pit crew had a huge task on their hands this year. With never enough time, they managed to get a working bot on the field!               […]

Catch the action in Philomath, March 25-26

We are very excited to have a local event and want everyone who can make it to stop by! There are almost 30 teams, with us and other local teams playing the last district match of the year. It will get intense. Some of the pacific north west’s top teams will be there including IRS,  Skunk Works Robotics, […]

Team Electric

Electrical team member River H works the underside of the electrical board. For several years now, we’ve been putting all major electrical components on a single board that can be fairly easy to take on and off. While we haven’t put the drive motors directly on it, we have been known to place a solenoid […]

Boulder Acquisition

With a narrow bot, we had to figure out a way to get the boulder from the floor, over the bumpers, into our robot, and to the launch position. Here’s step one, a rotating arm that reaches over the bumper (the red pad) a rotating column that moves the ball to a pinch point (the […]

CAD Drive-Training

After a room full of brainstorming, weighted scoring, and a lot of talking, CAD gets a debrief on where the wheels and motors are going to go.