2013 Troubleshooters

What do you get when you have three working robots, a light turn-out, and spare time? A bunch of drive time! (In case anyone asks, the drive station does not run both robots at the same time, but that is another story…) Unfortunately, something was amiss with the 2013 bot during our “test drives”. It […]

At Burcham’s Metals Demo with Team 956

Today we packed up the 2012 ‘demo’ robot (you have to like a bot that can fit into a hatchback) and headed out to Burcham’s Metals to demonstrate our robot and talk about STEM to the community. Burchams is a long time sponsor of SWARM, as well as other teams in the area.  If you […]

Pop Rivet Workshop Report

Except for one minor mishap all went well.  (Other skills utilized include cutting aluminum with the band saw, metal punch for pre-drilling, vise, choosing drill bits, powered hand drill and the Jacobs Chuck,)

End of July….

This week saw us working on finishing up a few “loose ends”. The t-shirt launcher needed to be a bit more reliable, so part of the team traced down shorts and leaky pneumatics. It is of an older design, and software; so care must be taken not to break it.  Thus, we are learning the […]

Ready for da Vinci

xWe had several projects going on Tuesday: In preparation for da Vinci Days next week, several of the team got instruction on how to power on the bot, launch the software, and driving. Ziean R and Chris N got checked out, and a number of the other team members got an overview. Does this sort […]

Summer Scrimmage at da Vinci Days

Our local league, FIRST FORCE, has a scrimmage during the da Vinici Days celebration in Corvallis, July 20th from 1-4.  Quite a number of local, and maybe not so local, teams participate in exhibition matches, exhibits, and allowing the public to drive robots.  This is part of our community outreach, similar to the OSU Engineering […]