Bumper Reveal

Our robots are wrapped in bumpers – not because we crash into field elements, we do, but because there are crashes with other bots. Sometimes that’s part of the game. We take our bumpers seriously, starting with a solid design that is turned into CAD. A well crafted bumper is not only a product of […]

Team Software – Working Hard & Not Worn Out Yet

Despite the name, the software team is working hard programming the robot, and they aren’t worn out yet. Software is broken down into two major areas, the drive with manipulator code and the autonomous code.  The manipulator moves the game elements. The autonomous code both drives the robot and runs the manipulator during the 15 […]

Team CAD – Drawing Conclusions

Computer Aided Design lets us figure out how to build our robot, including what parts we might buy off-the-shelf, instructions on how to make the parts we can’t, and what it will take to put it all together. While many of us want to immediately grab a wrench and start building a robot, those who […]

Making Connections

After wide critical acclaim by the judges of our electrical board last year, the electrical team is hard at work replicating the success. Blazing new trails in electronics to POWERUP the robot as soon as possible, maybe this weekend. Our crew is definitely amping it up for the current season.

Gear boxes tonight

Gear boxes can sometimes be like a three dimensional puzzle, and on occasion, greasy. This “box” will hold three of our standard motors and be used with another set to drive our 6 wheel drive.  The “box” has more to put on, but we need to do assemble it one piece at a time.   […]