Design Process – Day Two

We are deep into it now, bouncing ideas, questions, and answers around the room. We begin to put together what sort of functions our robot will need to play the game according to the strategy we devised.  

Kickoff & Design Process – Day One

It was with bleary eyes we made our way to OSU where the 2018 FIRST FRC competition would be announced to the entire planet! SWARM, along with a number of other Oregon teams, soon woke up. Our MC had a number of us simulating a robot – with CPU, data transmission, sensors, drive train, and […]

9/14 Meeting Recap

At our 9/14/17 meeting, we sent out letters to our gracious sponsors, thanking them for what they do. We also got the Game Teaser for our 2018 game FIRST Power Up!

Competition Whirlwind

Making it to Semifinals in Wilsonville, eliminations in Oregon City, our work being recognized with a Quality Award, nominating Steve for a Woody Flowers award, a rotating drive team, a bored pit crew, scouting efforts that mattered, and getting an invite to the Pacific Northwest District Championships in Cheney, WA! Wow! It’s been an amazing season, […]

Want to design our next t-shirt and banner? Here’s how!

You can design the team shirt/banner. Every year, student team members have done our custom team shirt. The front features our name and artwork, the back our sponsors and mentors. Last year we had several designs that the team voted on. Let’s plan on having the decision in mid-Jan, with the design finalized for the […]

OFD 2016 Gold Level Sponsor

Always a pleasure showing off our robot to the good folks at OFD. They use a lot of similar technology in their processing systems as we do on our robot, plus their’s tastes great. (FRC robots, not so much.) OFD is a great supporter of STEM education in our community . From high school FRC, community […]

Veterans Day Parade 2016

Many thanks to the veterans for their service. Today we participated in the largest veterans day parade west of the Mississippi. It is a super opportunity to show our support as well as participate in our community. We always get a great response from the crowd and this year was no different. From chatting to […]

Shop Cleaning

As you can tell, it’s been a while since the place had a good cleaning. Thanks to all the effort, we are now much more efficient; standardizing on common hardware, simplifying tool-sets, focusing on what we need, and building a team. Plus, we have a sweet, new electronics bench, with tools, outlets, hardware and storage […]

Sponsor a High School Robotics Team

Interested in getting Albany students excited about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math? That’s what FIRST Team 957 does, and we can use your help. Check out or sponsorship page, download a brochure, or drop us a note. Help out your high schools’ students, future employees and our community.