Boulder Acquisition

2016BoulderAquProtoWith a narrow bot, we had to figure out a way to get the boulder from the floor, over the bumpers, into our robot, and to the launch position. Here’s step one, a rotating arm that reaches over the bumper (the red pad) a rotating column that moves the ball to a pinch point (the wire.) An arm then rotates up, with the ball, over the bumper and into our bot.

It worked great as a prototype.

Viper Parts!

l-r Marcella N and Kassie W

l-r Marcella N and Kassie W

Our premier sponsor, Viper Northwest, helps us create the parts we are not able to do in our modest shop. It’s always like Christmas when the parts hit our building. Here’s the first part this season, pulleys and axle for the gearbox driving out pull-up mechanism.

Week 2 Day 20 ~ Finals Recovery

The past few weeks have been a blur. After the stress of finals we are picking up the pieces. CAD is drawing away, build is cleaning the shop, the essay for Chairmen’s is in the process of being written, the social media crew is socializing, and software is on their laptops maybe programming. Our food supply is superb. People are still sick but we are gaining our second wind.

Week 2 Day 7 – Sickness Strikes

It’s a dark and stormy prototyping day. The power flickered once and the WiFi got messed up for a minute before it was back. The computer lab is cold but we still trudge on. Our team is missing many students and even some mentors because of a rapidly spreading epidemic. The food supply has been completely restocked and some students have already tapped into the Cup o’ Noodle supply. Hopefully our members recover and get well soon. On a better note we have begun to prototype and build field elements.

Week 1 Day 6 – Uh Oh


Minor setback, our world is collapsing. There is no easy way to put this, the design we chose has become obsolete. Our sage master Sir Robin has made note of the scaling requirements. One such requirement we had not noticed before was the lack of space for a robot. Since we are committed to scaling the castle this changes everything.

Week 1 Day 2-4 – Where’d the Snacks Go?

snacks pic

Amid our concept brainstorming we have made a startling discovery. We do not have sufficient supplies to make it through the build season. What will we do without our Cup o’ Noodle? Turns out there was snack bandits, on the down low taking two snacks. This decimated our early supply and disobeyed our fundamental law of only one snack per break. Thankfully yesterday some kind souls donated food, so we might survive until the great food haul.