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Bottle Drop: We have Blue Bottle Drop Give fundraising bags available at the Hive and at events. Just let us know how many you need! You can fill them and turn them in via the little hatch door on the South side of the Albany Bottle Drop building (the side that faces the restaurant) from 6am – 10pm, or you can bring them to the Hive and we will drop them off. You are also welcome to bring bottles and cans to the Hive and we can put them in the blue fundraising bags. You can also make donations directly from your Bottle Drop account to ours: Greater Albany Public SD- SWARM Robotics Team 957

Thank you for your interest in supporting SWARM Team 957 Robotics. We are a STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) program for youth ages 13 -18 in the Greater Albany Public Schools 8J District. In the interest of equity, and to ensure that every eligible student can participate in SWARM without financial barriers, we must raise funds each year in order to run our program. We are able to use the school district’s nonprofit status for tax deductible donations to our team. We are an all volunteer organization of parents, community members, and sponsors.

The program’s goals are to provide students with a positive experience as member of a development team focused on using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to build a robot for FIRST competition. Building a robot from scratch challenges students to work together using STEM skills as well as interpersonal skills, and it is expected that students learn to work together for the common good of the team. Our team members gain valuable hands-on experience in things like electrical wiring and soldering, pneumatics, proper tool use and safety, parts fabrication, Computer Assisted Drafting & Design, 3D Printing, the use of machines like water jet cutters, CNC machines, and drill presses, coding and software, business and marketing, web design and graphic design, public speaking, leadership and more.

In addition to working on the design, construction, and programming of our robot for the competition, our team is also tasked with fundraising for each season and attending community outreach events. The budget for the team runs close to $16,000 each year.
Depending on how well we do we require an additional:
District Competition Travel           ~$5,000  (Travel to Spokane area)
World’s Competition Travel          ~$35,000 (Travel to Houston, TX)

Our income is based on grants, sponsorship from local businesses, individual contributions, and team member’s service. People like you. Without the generous support of Supporters like you, our team would not be able to accomplish our goals. The opportunity that your donation gives our team is priceless, and in turn, we are preparing youth for a variety of STEM careers that benefit us all. Your generous donation helps us pay for things like FIRST Robotics Competition Entry Fees ($7500), Supplies: parts, tools, laptops, etc. ($6000), other miscellaneous expenses like travel, meals and snacks during build season and competition, etc. ($2500).

Sponsors are recognized on various Team 957 promotional materials (t-shirts and banners) at local and regional events, have their name/logo placed on the competition robot, and here on this web site, as well as our social media accounts.

In Kind
Support for our team is often financial, but it can also be in-kind goods, services, mentor time, expertise, or meal contributions. If you have any questions, please contact our fundraising team at: or visit our Wishlist Page     

If you would like to mail a donation, you can print our Donation Form 
and send with your check payable to “SWARM Robotics WAHS”

Mail the above information along with your donation to: Team 957 SWARM

FIRST Robotics Team 957
c/o West Albany High School 
2100 Elm St. SW
Albany, OR 97321

Thank you for supporting SWARM!!!