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Team 957

Week Five: We’re Getting There!

Hello once again from the SWARM Hive! We are currently in week five of build season, and are gearing up for Scrimmage at Corvallis High School (CHS). The event is on February 16th, and starts at 10 am. Bag and Tag is on February 19th, the last one may I add! Everyone (especially the CADD […]

Week One- Coming to a Close

The first week of build season 2019 is coming to an end. We’ve gotten pretty far in everything; we were even able to build a sample field this past meeting. We were able to start working on prototypes and working on concepts for our new robot, which is a lot of progress to be done […]

Build Season has started!

The New Year got off to a great start for us, as FRC’s kickoff for 2019’s build season has just begun! Last weekend, we went to OSU to watch the live stream on Twitch along with some of our local teams from Corvallis, Eugene, and Lebanon. After getting the password to the game manual, we […]

An Amazing Time…

Worlds was an amazing time, and once we catch our breath, we will tell you all about it! Many thanks to our GoFundMe and other donors for helping us get there. Many thanks to our 2018 sponsors for making the team happen. We are making plans for this summer and beyond. Check out our website […]

We Have An Invite To Worlds!

With our second place finishes in Willsonville and Lake Oswego, as well as our win-loss record of 8-4 at the PNW Championships (ending up ranked 19th out of 154 teams), we earned an invitation to the FIRST Championships in Houston, Texas next week! There’s a lot more to this story to tell, but this is […]

Get your SWARM merch on!

We are taking orders for a second run of our competition shirts. They should be around $15.00. Send your order to info@team957.com by this Tues evening (April 3, 2018.) Payment instructions to follow. You were meant to bee!

Taking Albany robotics to the world stage

Because we did so well at Wilsonville, there is a real possibility we may be invited to go on the Championships in Houston Texas in April. Team 957 has not played at that level since 2010. As you might imagine, fielding a team across the country is no small matter for our all volunteer organization. […]

Dream Big at Wilsonville

With our goal to do better than last year, we headed into our first completion at Wilsonville on March 8. To make a long story short, we far surpassed our goal. Despite an issue that occasionally stopped our robot in its tracks*, we accumulated enough points to be the 2nd highest ranked team out of […]

Remote Meeting Gets Things Done

Team SWARM does not rest  between events.  For a quick mid-week meeting, we turned to our online solution – Discord. With both voice and text chat, we held a discussion including brainstorming and offering tasks on a variety of topics surrounding our future plans for 2018. This is not only a great way to get […]

Meet Otis, our 2018 competition bot

Hello. My name is Otis. Named after the inventor of the modern elevator with safety brakes, Elisha Otis, our robot also includes a bit of code to keep things from going south. This year’s bot is based on the proven West Coast drive train. Ours feature pneumatic wheels to smoothly get over the mid-field wire cover, as […]