How to Join

Contact us on Social Media or Come Visit at a meeting
*e-mails must be from non-school accounts


STUDENTS in grades 9-12/ ages 14-18. At SWARM we also encourage an early start for 8th graders who are ready for the challenge.

* no experience required *

ADULTS with technical or non-technical skills and talents to share, are valued as mentors.


NEWBEES ARE WELCOME ANY TIME ! Joining in summer or fall is preferred. It means more time to prepare for build season.

Our Seasons

SWARM meets on Wednesday evenings ALL YEAR. Students are trained in their chosen specialty & participate in Fundraising & Community Events.

In the FALL we add time, and another evening to our meetings to ramp up training and prepare for Build Season.

KICK-OFF is on the 1st Saturday in JANUARY. It starts the 6-8 week build season. We meet 3-4 weekday evenings & on Saturdays, with competitions in March & possibly April.

**Team members are not expected to be at all functions. Everyone has other activities & obligations.

But, you get out of it, what you put in. More time and effort invested into the team, means more opportunities to learn, and to have a more active role on the team.


West Albany
High School

2100 SW Elm St 97321