Our Seasons

Off Season


FRC off season is April/May - December

Currently, during our off season, SWARM meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-8:30 pm.

Students are trained in their chosen specialty & encouraged to participate in Fundraising and community Events.

In the Fall                                              Training is ramped up to prepare for Build Season. There may be longer or additional meetings, if needed.

We compete at Girl’s Gen, in Wilsonville in October. 

“Girl’s Generation is an offseason event that uses the prior years game. Girls fill all drive team and pit crew roles.”


This year, we will also be participating in Bunny Bots. 

The competition will be announced in September and takes place in December, in Portland. Working toward this event helps the team train students for the official build season. 

Build Season

Is on the 1st Saturday in January.
It starts the 6 week Build Season.

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During Build Season we meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in the evening, from 6pm-9pm. And Saturday mornings, from 9am-5pm. There may be additional meetings for parts of the team, as needed.

There are 2 Friday - Saturday competitions in March.
Regionals are in April & include travel to Tacoma or Cheney, Wa.

If we qualify, the next step is Worlds, also in April.
They are held in Houston, Tx.

 There is more detailed information on our Calendar.

We encourage team members to remember that more time and effort invested into the team, means more opportunities to learn, and to have a more active role on the team.

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