SWARM Robotics

Team 957

New Order Status Process

Mentor Amanda E helped us out with our order processing. The team will now have a place to see the status of orders at the shop. (Which is much better than the lead mentor scrolling through email whenever asked!)

Bins Part II

A big thanks to Kaden and Rose for the shelves, and now our bins are ready to go. With almost 30 of them, we can start to get a handle on our parts situation. It’s great to get stuff off the work bench, but the time savings will be what we will appreciate later.

Refresh on t-shirt launcher pneumatics

The almost constant use of the on-board of compressors was a sure sign of a pneumatics leak.  A couple of meetings with soapy water and we are set. While it probably won’t send the shirts any further, it will be a bit quieter. We almost always end up with pneumatics on the competition bot, so […]

Team CAD

The CAD team has been busy installing, configuring and generally getting their PC’s set up with Autodesk Inventor (Thanks Autodesk!) Student shave been going through the tutorials, and now it’s on to something robot oriented. CAD Mentor John VW dropped this little sketch on the team last night. This might be just the sort of […]

SWARM’ed the Civil War

South and West Albany high schools’ football game is always big, and this one was no different. Since it was hosted at South, with their single stands, we were able to bring our bot and launch shirts into both team’s fans. After a bit of somewhat frantic field maintenance just right up until halftime, we […]

Bin Project

The build team put together a little assembly line and cranked out 20 or so parts bins. That should help clean the build table and make things go much more efficiently during the season.  As a bonus, we learned about Henry Ford, the division of labor and bottle necks. Of course, it was not all […]

Thanks Viper Northwest

A big thanks to Viper Northwest for hosting a demo at their shop.  It was great to show them what their parts end up doing.  We do owe them some extra drive time at some point! We are looking forward to working with them again for the 2014 build season.

Thanks Oregon Freeze Dry

Today, part of the team did a presentation and demo for one of our 2013 sponsors Oregon Freeze Dry. It was great to see some of their engineers driving the bot around. (They picked it up pretty fast.) For more information on the Mechatonics AS degree they help sponsor, see your high school counselor.

WAHS halftime t-shirt launch

We SWARM’ed West Albany’s foot ball game. Despite the possibility of rain, we were there! It was fun to check in with a few past team members, and explain the bot to various passersby. We did a quick launch test, with the help of some elementary school kids, and were ready to go. The rain […]

Guest appearance at the Business Extravaganza

We SWARMED this local business conference last Wednesday: The 2012 bot is great for these things and after we were done playing demoing, including taking it down the hall for maybe the furthest it has been from the drive station, we handed the sticks over to some guest drivers.  I have to say some were fairly […]